IEA Team Information

What Is IEA?
IEA – the Interscholastic Equestrian Association – was formed and organized to promote and improve the quality of equestrian competition and instruction available to middle and secondary school students.

Team Practices:
Start date team practices is June, 19th 2023

  • All riders must take one additional private lesson per week with Emily, Christine or Kat.
  • IEA team group Practice cost is $50

Show Fees:

  • Joining Legacy Stable IEA Team is $65 per year. This fee is used to supplement the office staff for organizing IEA and show entries.
  • Entry fees $45 per class at entry level, $70 per class regional level, and TBD at zone level.
  • Total of five shows per season we will attend
  • Show entry fees are payable at the start of the IEA show season.
  • Coaching fee per show per rider is $60
  • Coaching fees may be paid either at the start of the show season or at each show.

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