Birthday Parties!!

We block off 2 hours to celebrate, typically 1 hour spent riding/painting the horses and the other spent in our lounge where you guys can do cake/pizza etc.

We have a great local pizzeria that delivers and contact can be provided for.

We have a lounge with lots of seating and a full kitchen inside attached to a porch.

Cost is $425 per party- We require a $50 nonrefundable deposit upon booking.

We allow riders of all ages and an unlimited amount of riders as well! Depending on the number of people attending the party we will have from 2-4 horses available for pony rides & everyone is aloud to ride as many times as they would like. We then also fingerprint the horses which is always a big hit & give them baths!

Birthday parties are typically held on Saturday afternoons but other days available upon request

For more information, please contact Emily Iovanna at 508-279-5518 or We accept Cash, Checks & Credit Cards